St Alfred’s Anglican Church, Blackburn North
The mission of St Alfred’s is to help people become mature followers of Jesus Christ. This is the goal of the youth ministry as well. The Youth Minister will specifically be trying to help teenagers and youth leaders mature as followers of Jesus.

St Alfred’s is an Anglican Church in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  The church is in Blackburn North and though there is a strong local identity, people come from many surrounding suburbs to attend.   Life at St Alfred's is always busy as many ministries occur during the week not just on Sundays. You can get a feel for St Alfred's and see our present staff team at

We are in the hub of the local community with both primary and secondary schools nearby and the main shopping centre over the road.  To accommodate growth we completed a $3.5 million building program in 2009. We are also in a partnership with St Luke's, Vermont.

At present there are two Sunday services at 10.00 am and 6.00 pm.  There are over 500 members of St Alfred's with average Sunday attendance of around 300-400. People value the strong biblical preaching, contemporary style of music, ministries catering for children, teenagers and young adults, and a generally friendly atmosphere.

The church has an evangelical heritage and has been influenced positively over the years by both charismatic and social justice Christianity. As a community we are therefore committed to seeing that the Bible is taught clearly and undergirds all that we do; that we remain open to God’s Spirit individually and corporately recognising our need for God’s healing and guidance; and that we express the love of God in concrete ways both in our local area and overseas.

Full-Time Youth Ministry Position 2024
Youth Ministry Job Description

Over the years we have come to the conclusion that the first requirement of any staff member is that they have the right character.

This person will be:

  • Someone who knows Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour;
  • With a genuine prayer life;
  • Seeking to honour God in all they do.
  • Someone who sees Christian ministry as a vocation, something God is "calling" them into, not simply a job.
  • Able to maintain the strictest confidentiality;
  • Able to respond compassionately and intelligently to those in need;
  • Someone who maintains the highest level of propriety and integrity in the areas of sexual and financial matters;
  • Someone who supports the rest of the staff team and protects the reputation of the church by not doing anything to bring disrepute on the gospel or the church;
  • Someone who can receive feedback and who sees this as assistance to growth;
  • Someone who is willing to learn and will actively pursue appropriate professional development;
  • Someone committed to getting counsel or healing in areas of personal struggle.

St Alfred's abides by "Faithfulness in Service."  This is a nation-wide code in the Anglican Church which explains the appropriate standards of behaviour and practices of pastoral ministry for all church workers (available from the St Alfred's office or Diocesan web site).

Key Task: oversee youth ministry at St Alfred's

This person will be able to:

  • inspire teenagers to be disciples of Jesus
  • lead Friday night Pulse program and Sunday morning StAKs On program
    • this will involve planning, providing resources, recruiting and training volunteers, hands-on leadership, managing discipline issues, keeping records etc.
    • in regard to StAKs On, it will involve cooperation with the children’s ministry staff and leaders
    • Growth Groups for teens
    • work with leaders on Wide Nights, include packing-up and debriefing
  • oversee volunteer youth leadership team
    • regular meetings; weekend away; recruiting, training, pastoring, discipling
    • attend youth leaders’ small group
  • teach the Bible to teenagers in age-appropriate ways
    • also be able to source or create appropriate study material
    • be able to preach/teach to youth or youth leaders as required (or learn to do so)
  • communicate ideas and plans through a variety of media: web site, weekly bulletin, advertising, in person, social media
    • key stakeholders include teenagers, parents, staff and the wider church
    • in a complex church communication is vital
  • organize a youth camp and youth leaders weekend away
  • be computer literate and aware of reliable web sites for youth resources
  • oversee the storage of all youth ministry equipment
  • manage own time and diary

A key aim for all staff members is team leadership. St Alfred's needs staff members who can lead others, train, encourage, inspire, think ahead, and build team culture that achieves common goals. Youth ministry relies heavily on volunteers so it is important that they are equipped, trained, valued and given pastoral support.

This person will have professional training and experience in either

  • youth ministry or
  • Christian ministry

This person will have or be able to get

  • a Clearance for Ministry
  • a Working With Children Check
  • appropriate Police clearance
  • in due course this person will be licensed as an Authorised Stipendiary Lay Minister (ASLM) by the Archbishop of Melbourne



This person will be:

  • Able to work under the leadership of the Senior Minister as part of a highly competent staff team
  • Able to work cooperatively with other staff members, especially as we aim to build strong inter-generational links
  • Able to work with teams of volunteers
  • Committed to the vision of St Alfred's – that is, committed to the ministry goals of the entire church not just to youth ministry
  • Willing to seek resolution and reconciliation if and when disputes arise.

Accountability and Communication
The Youth Minister is accountable to the Senior Associate Minister.
Supervisory meetings will be arranged as required.
Attendance at staff meetings is important. These are normally held on Mondays starting at 10.30 a.m.
The Youth Minister will be supported in the role by the Senior Minister and other staff, the Wardens, Parish Council and many volunteer leaders. Although the role may look overwhelming it is a collaborative ministry.

This is a full-time position (open to negotiation).
The stipend is according to Stipend Determination #38 at the "Lay Minister" rate for an Authorised Stipendiary Lay Minister. This rate may vary depending on the person’s experience or lack of and will be determined by the Churchwardens.

Statutory Superannuation as required by law.
Potential to salary sacrifice up to 30% of package and use of corporate credit card.
Travel costs for ministry purposes can be reimbursed (this does not include travel from home to work).
The actual days of work are flexible.
Annual Leave is the equivalent of 4 weeks per annum (ie you would normally be available to work 48 Sundays in the year). Annual leave is arranged by making a written request to the Senior Minister. Other leave is according to Work Choices legislation.
The church facilities will be available for use of phone, internet, photocopying and holding meetings. The Youth Minister will have use of a shared office space.
Professional Development. The Senior Minister has a small amount to assist staff to attend conferences. Extended courses of study (eg a degree or diploma) will have to be funded by the staff member who may be able to get Fee-Help. The work hours can be reduced by negotiation to allow a candidate without formal theological qualifications to pursue such studies.
There will be a three month probationary period with a review. After that there will be an annual review. It is envisaged that the position will be for at least two years in the first instance.


St Alfred's Anglican Church
Youth Minister Application

A. On a separate piece of paper please answer the following questions
about yourself.

  1. Why do you believe you are suitable for this job?
  2. What past experience have you had that would make you suitable for this role?
  3. What experience do you have of leading teams?
  4. What strengths and weaknesses do you have?
  5. In your opinion, what are the key issues facing teenagers today?
  6. A Christian dad tells you his 15 year-old daughter wants to stop coming to church. He wants your advice. What do you say to him?
  7. What concerns would you have about taking up this role?
  8. Christian experience: When did you become a Christian? What have been some of the significant points in your spiritual journey? (dot points will suffice).


B. Please attach a C.V.


C. Please provide the names and contact details of two referees – one professional or academic, one personal.

D. Please send your C.V. , referees and completed questions to Rev Dr Mark Simon, Acting Vicar, St Alfred's Anglican Church, P.O. Box 1076, Blackburn North, Victoria 3130.

You may email them to

Many thanks for applying. We are praying for God’s guidance in the process of appointment.

Job Application
Employment Desired

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