The Parish Council is the local governing body of an Anglican church. It is responsible for governance, strategic direction, providing oversight of finance and property issues relating to the church. Our Parish Council consists of – the Senior Minister, 3 Wardens (who are specifically responsible for finance, legal matters, property and staffing) and others who are members of the church.

Parish Council meet monthly and minutes are located in a folder in the pigeon holes in the foyer or can be provided on request to church attendees.

If you are a part of St Alfred’s and have any questions, concerns or feedback for Parish Council, please contact us or speak to any of the representatives.

2022 - 2023 Parish Council representatives


Doug Mitchell (Chairperson), David Hamer, Georgina Caillard.


Parish Council

The Wardens, Bill Murcutt, Graham Keen, John Lim, Michael Collie, Ravi Ketharanathan, Rick Jacobs.


Parish Nominators (Incumbency Committee)

Georgina Caillard, Jeanette Ketharanathan, John Buchanan.