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Life can be a puzzle at times and being a Christian, rather than simplifying things, sometimes makes it even more complex. It is important therefore to be sure about who Jesus is and what he teaches.

We will get a renewed sense of this as we read and ponder on chapters 9 & 10 of Mark's Gospel. If you are looking for an easy-to-read commentary on Mark we recommend "The Servant King: Reading Mark Today" by Paul Barnett (available from leading Christian book shops).

15 May, 2011 ()

Bible Text: Mark 9:30-50 |


Welcome to St Alfred's today. We are reading our way through chapters 9 & 10 of Mark’s Gospel. This is week #3 in our series called “Big Questions of Life.” If you miss any sermons you will find them on our web site at www.stalfreds.org. You will also find a study guide that is useful for small groups to use. These resources are available free of charge. Thank you to Darren Russ and a small team of volunteers who are updating our web site regularly.

Welcome to our preacher today, Kieran Carr. He is the Youth Minister at St Alfred's. He said during the week that this is the hardest passage he has had to preach on. 

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